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januari 23, 2009

W.ardro.be: Dressups for Grownups!

W.ardro.be (http://w.ardro.be) is about giving people more inspiration about the clothes they already own. By creating a "virtual copy" of your existing wardrobe, you can easily mix and match and see which combinations that work best.

The inspiration came when I one morning felt that I had absolutely nothing to wear, although my wardrobe is quite large - I just didn't have the inspiration to use my clothes. And as I found out from Daniel Bergström recently, I'm not alone.

I struggled a bit too much with my tech to realize the vision in these 24 hours, and the online site is just an early user-interface demo (although there's actually a Rails back-end powering the Flash UI).

Here are the core features I envision:
  • Let the system suggest an outfit based on colors and styles.
  • Send an outfit to a friend and get feedback.
  • Different levels of user-generated content: casual users can change colors and textures on existing clothes, hardcore users can make their own creations from scratch.
  • See how the latest H&M collection would fit with your existing wardrobe (I think I'll save that for a later 24 hours event...).
Business-wise, I'm thinking of both an affiliate model for linking the virtual clothes with their real-world copies, but also a micro transaction-powered economy for virtual fashion designers.

I'm gonna keep building on this. Hope you like it!

(who also runs www.zyked.com and leading the development for the Ghostwire game)