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januari 23, 2009

Bortsprungna.se - Find your lost pet

Bortsprungna.se (Lost and Runaway pets) is a user generated service based on Flickr, an online photo management and sharing application with community functions.

The main purpose of Bortsprunga.se is to gather information on lost and homeless pets in one place so that it can be shared and distributed by as many as possible. The service also aims to facilitate the work of both the pet shelters and the police force dealing with reported missing pets. Homeless cats are by far the single largest animal welfare issue in Sweden.

Bortsprungna.se encourages and enables both the pet owners and the pet shelters to register their pets directly on Flickr. The user chooses between three predefined groups - Lost, Found and Homeless pets. The user is provided with tagging instructions, and with Flickr rss and embedding features the user is able to create feeds and widgets to display any chosen collection of pets based on tags. The site provides examples of both feeds and widgets.

The business model consists of donations, sponsorship and online advertising. Local media can utilize geotagged feeds and widgets to create goodwill and engagement among their readers.

The main challenge of the project was to create a service based on existing online services without using any programming skills.

Bortsprungna.se (coming very soon) is created by Paula Marttila

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