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januari 23, 2009

Eventkoll.se - serves you with events that interests you

Better late than never, problems with the server slowed us down but now you can take a look at our beta!

We have built the eventguide Eventkoll.se, but it's not an ordinary eventguide. You, the visitor and curious eventseeker, just need to do your search one time and one time only. After that we serve you with the events that match your search on a regular basis. You don't miss a thing, isn't it fantastic?! If you are a member of any organization

you could get their events as well.

To sum it up:
  1. Search once.
  2. Lean back and get tips based on your search on a regular basis.
  3. Go to events and enjoy!

And yeah, the best thing - it's free!

For now, the subscription of events doesn't work. We found out that the project was more like a 48h then a 24h developmentprocess. But we will get there in time :) The beta can be found on eventkoll.se/beta.

Have an eventful weekend!

/Christian och Martin

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