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januari 23, 2009


Well, the story of Bloggmode.se is a funny one. The project came about purely by chance when our programer, Jesper, mentioned that he had an idea to categorize blogs based on content and not amount of readers. Me and the rest of our team thought that it was a great idea until he told us the url that he had gotten. Bloggmode.se, "but that will totally make everyone think that it is related to fashion blogs!".. ok, we'll make it about fashion. Said and done.

Bloggmode is a hub, a meetingplace, online for everyone who loves fashionblogs. We want to help both bloggers and their readers and our main usp is our blog catalouge. As previously mentioned we are categorizing all the fashion blogs of Sweden based on its content. The bloggers themselves tag their blog with one or several of the pre-set tags and the reader can then search for the wanted blog by category and tags. In addition to the catalogue we will also boast a photo agency, interviews, direct relations to clothing companies and much more.

We believe that this will make blogging, and reading blogs, more relevant and the time spent on finding, reading and writing them will take less time and become more interesting for all parties.

Our team is made up out of a diversity of talents namely Jesper Åström; programer and CTO, Judith Wolst; strategist and content manager, Thérèse Mannheimer; strategist and content manager and last but definately not least Andreas Vural; designer and technical support.

Launch will take place in the end of this week...

Visit us @ www.bloggmode.se and tell everyone you know about how we have just made the fashion blogosphere a better place...

Thank you for you time

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