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januari 23, 2009

Virurl.IT - Sharing websites made easy!

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Virurl.IT is a service that makes sharing websites easy. We add a toolbar with different sharing options, like Share on Facebook, Tweet about this, to which ever site you want to spread like WILD-FIRE.

Just go the Virurl.IT, submit a site and Start your Movement!

How we work with distribution:
Virurl.IT is going to become huge thanks to our users and business partners.
  • Users spread Virurl.IT when they use our service to make stuff they love spread like Wild-Fire.
  • We will soon launch our Share-icons that will become the best way for websites to enourage their users to spread their content. Right now we have over 10 partners that are waiting for us to get done, so they can add our icons. Partners like: SF (Swedish Cinema), Twingly, Bloggy.se and HD.se (one of Swedens biggest newspapers).

Business model: Every Virurl.IT-link is going to have a own link advertisement oppertunity. So basicly, if you see a AWESOME site with the Virurl.IT-toolbar that you want your site to be related to, you'll able to buy a text-link on that sites toolbar.

So if 1 million people make Virurl.IT-links we'll have 1 million unique advertisement oppertunities.

The goal is to help link-heavy sites like Twitter to convert all their outgoing links to Virurl.IT-links and share revenues.

The Virurl-Team

Mattias Swenson

Mattias Swenson is a web entreprenour that love making ideas into reality. He has co-founded the easy-to-use blog reader Bloglovin' and has also started Swedish Startups, Swedens biggest community for start-up entreprenours.

Ola Sevandersson

Ola has developed web applications and services for the last 10 years. He has worked as a product manager at Lunarstorm, formerly biggest social website in Sweden. The product he's most know for is the free-online-photo-editor Pixlr.com.

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