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januari 23, 2009

About Voicly.com - Tell the world!

Founders: Fredrik Berglund (+46 733 96 99 22) and Rickard Vikström (+46 734 40 51 82)
The service: Voicly.com is an opportunity for you to use your phone to provide your family, friends and the world 30 seconds of voice messages from your succesful, ordinary or boring life.

Voicly.com take micro blogging out in the air. You call a country unique central number from your mobile (or fixed phone if you still have one). Then you can record 30 second short messages, listen to comments etc. Everyone can call the same number type in your ID, listen to it and give you comments. If your friend record a message, you will be notified via the web.

Free of charge? Hell yeah!

2 kommentarer:

M sa...

Skicka ett mail till mig på maltejansson@gmail.com Skulle gärna intervju er en snabbis för min lilla blogg.

Unknown sa...

Briljand ide! Vi diskuterade en lunch nyligen om någon skulle göra något twitter-liknande eller twitter-app. Men det här hade jag aldrig kläckt. Kul! :)

/Patrick på Getup/Commmunity