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januari 20, 2009

24 Hour Business Camp schedule

Here it is, the official schedule for 24 hour business camp:
  • 16.00, Wednesday 21/1: Optional "warm-up" at Hotell Diplomat. [map]
  • 17.30, Wednesday 21/1: Our boat, which is called Östanå, will depart from Nybrokajen Kajplats 7, in front of Strand Hotel in central Stockholm. [map] It will take us all out to Hasseludden, which is about 45 minutes outside Stockholm. Don't be late!
  • 19.00, Wednesday 21/1: After check-in on Hasseludden there is a dinner for all the participants. Time to get to know each other.
  • 11.00, Thursday 22/1: We have an hour for short sponsor presentations. In Fuji, the main meeting room.
  • 12.00, Thursday 22/1: The actual 24 hours begin. We start working.
  • 11.45, Friday 23/1: By this time all participating teams should have written a short blog post explaining their project. In english.
  • 12.00, Friday 23/1: The 24 hours are over! We will have a short "follow-up" in Fuji.
  • From 13.00, Friday 23/1: Everyone can take a bus or a shared taxi back to town.
  • From 20.00, Friday 23/1: We "wind down" together at the bar/restaurant Rival at Mariatorget in Stockholm. This is optional of course!
On Hasseludden all meals (breakfast, lunch, afternoons snacks, dinner) will be provided. The specific hours you'll get on location.

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